Our unique collection of carefully selected gifts for girls and boys means we've already found the perfect presents so you don't have to. With options to search by gift type, personality, age and budget, The Crazy Bee can help you not just meet expectations but exceed them. Now that has to be worth the biggest, brightest smiles.

Search by budget

If you've got an idea of what you want to spend in mind, it's always good to stick to it. We've grouped gifts into different price brackets for you to easily identify that special standalone gift or put together a perfect package of presents that doesn't go over budget.

Search by gift type

If you're looking for something specific these gift type headings should hopefully give you a good starting point. Otherwise, just enjoy browsing.

Gift recommendations by age.

Every child is an individual with their own likes and loves. Sometimes varied ages can enjoy the same gift, but appreciate it in a different way. However, we know that choosing a gift can sometimes be tricky and we've put together these collections to offer some general guidance.

Bee Bold. Bee Smart. Bee Crazy. Bee Awesome. Bee you.

We believe children should feel free to be whatever or whoever they want to be.
Playing, learning and growing has NEVER bee-n so much fun. Bzzzzzzz ....
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