Making Memories with a Jar

The decorations are down (finally) and the house looks bare. I can’t help it - I feel sad. I know, I know - no more dust gathering tinsel or life size glittering reindeers to fall over. I should be embracing the fresh new year, enjoy the memories we made and looking forward into 2020.

When I told my 9 year old it was time to bring down the decorations she also looked sad. I asked why she was unhappy and her reply was simply “I love Christmas”. I totally get it. I know she doesn’t just mean Christmas Day and getting presents from Father Christmas. What she loves, like me, is the build up to Christmas - I see it from the glow on her face for the whole of December. The Christmas Fair at school, the nativities, the decorations, the singing, the time with close friends and family and the extra treats like ice-skating after school or hot chocolate at the Christmas market. So when the decorations come down this signifies the end of these festivities. The house feels empty and the excitement is over.

Hmmph. We could continue down this track or, as we decided, we could turn it around …

A friend had mentioned the idea of a jar of memories to me a while back. The idea is that every time you do something that makes you happy you make a note of it - write it on a scrap of paper and pop it into a jar. You don’t write your name, just the experience and the positive impact it had on you. Then you open the jar at a significant time - for us it will now be New Year 2021 - and enjoy reading and remembering all the fun and happiness had over the year. She explained what a positive and happy effect it had on all the family - allowing you to really treasure your memories and look forward to making some amazing new ones.

So instead of feeling sad the decs are coming down you get to write … “I love how  Christmas filled our home with warmth, colour and twinkling lights.”

We recently met up with Big H’s school friend who had moved away. The girls had a fabulous day playing and having fun but rather than be sad when we parted Big H has now written a note for the jar - “I loved catching up with Lily, we had so much fun together”.

Our very own jar of hearts and happiness.

Good luck with your jar of memories. There is a lot you can do in a year and just sometimes we need more than Facebook to remind us of the good times we had!


Claire x

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