Rain. Just what to do?

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I still have vivid childhood memories of rain. Watching dribbles of water coming down the windows - in the car, at school or out of my bedroom window. It was cold, it was wet and it was SOOOO boring. 

However, lucky for you, we have some suggestions of easy activities to see you all through, until the sun shines again and dries enough to allow conker hunting, autumn bike rides and of course, visits to the park ...

1) Make a den. All you need is blankets, cushions and maybe a table or upside-down sofa. Doesn't take long, can provide hours of fun as a castle, a cave, a submarine or just a cosy place to play or read a book.

2) 3-2-1 Bake! Baking is an obvious suggestion but what about a Bake-Off? Simple biscuits or fairy cakes with an extra twist.

3) Form your own band. You've always dreamed of having your own Von Trapp style performers or maybe more like The Carpenters. Explore the house for containers and use water, pasta or beads to create different instruments. Scour You Tube for karaoke hits and stun the kids with your rendition of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5.

4) Craft - of course. Make a collage from anything and everything you can get your hands on. Tissue, wrapping paper, leaves, magazines, newspapers, stickers and gems. An autumn landscape? Or a hot, sunny beach with underwater scene ... If you've got a shoe box, you can do it in 3D.

5) Create 'a world'. Bring all those small, plastic figurines that have been joyfully collected over the years to create a new Hello Kitty/Shopkins/dinosaur/farm animal/Barbie/Disney/LOL doll world - with a train track running through it? 

6) Watch a film, order pizza and eat popcorn - but you already knew that one.

7) Homework - get it all done now while the rain's coming down and make the most of the sun when it eventually makes an appearance.

8) Write some letters. Old-fashioned I know. Find a pen-pal! Include a letter and some drawings and make someone else's day too.

9) Have a clear out. Go through all the old games, puzzles and toys - if they don't want to play with them today, when will they ever? It might remind them of some things they love but have forgotten.

10) Go splash in the puddles! It's raining, who cares? Taste the rain, get wet, get cold and get warm when you get back home again.



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