The Crazy Bee Guide to Surviving the Summer Holidays

Schools out for summer!

They are here at last, the summer holidays have begun. Is the warm weather going to stay? Or is it going to rain from the day we break up? We’re all glad that term is over but now …. how am I actually going to entertain the children for 6 weeks!?!

To help you, and maintain our own sanity, we’ve come up with a few Crazy Bee survival tactics:

1. Be prepared! 

We all know kids hate shopping. Make sure your fridge is well stocked with food for picnics, snacks and of course, wine.

Stock up on arts and crafts. The words "I am bored” may well be said many times. Stock up on glue, coloured paper, stickers and if you are really brave, glitter!

2. Grab a bargain

Check for any discounts on days out. 2 for 1, museums are free and cheap rail tickets are available. Visit your local library, they always have a summer reading challenge for the children to complete.

3. Share the burden

Call on friends with children similar age and swap children, even if for a few hours. Friends generally play better than siblings.

4. Play with the children

It might sound obvious, but sometimes we are so busy cleaning, washing, tidying … we forget to have fun with the children. Dig out the board games or jigsaws, sit in the garden or around a table and allow yourself to join in the fun.

5. Get creative

Raid the recycle bin and the kids can get creative. However, if you don’t like the mess of art, check out local art classes or craft centres.

6. Go to the park

Why not do a paper aeroplane competition where everyone in the family has to build a plane, then take it to the park and see whose goes the furthest? Even better invite all your friends and have an afternoon at the park and bring a picnic. Visit the local country parks, where you only need to pay for parking and they have trails to follow on foot or by bike.

7. Animal lover and don’t have a pet?

Check out your local pet shop, does it have an animal workshop? A good hour or two can be spent browsing the fish, hamsters and other exotic creatures. Just try to make sure you don’t come away with your own at the end - unless you intended to of course.

Take a neighbour or friends dog for a walk.

8. Bake off

There are some really easy biscuit and cake recipes online but if you don’t want to do the preparation, why not get the readymade packets. If all else fails, just buy some plain biscuits and the children can decorate with icing and hundreds and thousands. 

9. Water fun

Should we be lucky enough and the weather stays, then make sure you don’t have to keep refilling the paddling pool by covering it in an old fitted sheet when not in use, this helps keep the water warmer and reduces the number of bugs and grass in it.

10. And relax…

If all else fails, close the curtains, grab a duvet, some popcorn and watch some movies.

Happy holidays. 

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