The Crazy Bee Planning Meeting - Woman Vs. Biscuit

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We have had great fun chewing The Crazy Bee cud with each other, catching up, laughing and eating biscuits. In the early days it was multi packets of chocolate digestives. Wolfed down whilst some of the younger kids were still running round our feet, hiding them whenever they came back in the room.

Now we feel we've moved on, biscuit wise. We've eased back and prefer a virtually calorie free treat. We can share some of our learning with you.

1) Those chocolate orange biscuit cakes - mainly air and orange with just a light chocolate smudge. A whole packet between us is well, virtually nothing.

2) Nuts - we eat lots of these. They can disappear in minutes and are very nice followed by a cup of tea and a packet of those chocolate orange biscuit cakes.

3) Tea cakes. Not the ones with sultanas and heaps of butter (but now I think about it .....) the marshmallowy ones with a teeny-weeny biscuit base and a wafer thin chocolate covering. Again lots of air and over in a second, so, must be, virtually calorie free.

4) Certain branded chunky cookies with chunks of chocolate and sometimes chunks of salted caramel. They are so big you only need 1, or 2, or 3 - so that's got to be better than a whole packet, right?

And there we have it. Please note this is in no way based on fact or scientific research but our own experience. And this is the foundation upon which The Crazy Bee was built. Enjoy. x

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