Unicorns Vs Mermaids

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Bring it on! I can’t believe this showdown hasn’t already happened in a Hollywood blockbuster or even in actual, real, life. (You have to imagine the deep, booming voice they use on The X Factor for this next bit):

"The Mighty Unicorn vs the Magnificent Mermaid".

All hair flowing, muscles pulsing, every colour under the rainbow coming together in a powerful clash of power, strength and beauty. We see it often, when people are holding a unicorn pen in one hand and a mermaid hair spray in the other …. Mermaid or Unicorn, Mermaid or Unicorn ….. what a choice to have to make. Both seem to have an unrelenting appeal to children of all ages and we’ve even had adults stacking up on items for their own private collection. Magical, mythical and mysterious they are flexible too - if you haven’t seen a cat with a mermaid tail or a pug with a unicorn horn in the last 12 months we’d like to know exactly where you’ve been.

So, we’ve done our research and brought together some actual facts about Unicorns and Mermaids. We found it on the internet so it must all be true ….

Round 1 - The Mighty Unicorn

  • Unicorns are actually earthbound and do not have wings. 
  • If a Unicorn and a Pegasus (divine horse with wings) get together and have a baby, it may be born as a unicorn with wings - but then it would be called a Pegasi.
  • A Unicorns actual horn is called an ‘alicorn’ and has magical and medicinal powers.
  • German traders sold a unicorn horn to the pope in 1560 for nearly £18,000.
  • The unicorn is thought to hold the power to divine truth and will pierce the heart of a liar with its horn. 
  • Unicorns eat grass and hay although they also receive energy from the sun, stars and moon.

Round 2 - The Magnificent Mermaid

  1. Mermaids are half woman and half fish with long flowing hair and always beautiful. You can get Mermen too.
  2. Mermaids are physically very strong, independent and powerful. They can be very kind but have a quick, hot and fiery temper.
  3. Mermaids are immortal, telepathic, can foretell the future and hypnotise people. 
  4. They have the power to bestow the gift of gills and breathing under water, with just a kiss.
  5. The colour of a Mermaids tail depicts her mood.
  6. Mermaids don't actually eat fish - to them fish are sacred. We could find no information available on what they eat but we thought maybe honey sandwiches and Turkish delight would be a good suggestion.

Now back to the Unicorn Vs Mermaid debate. Having magical powers does sound quite cool but being able to fly? That would be amazing. Shame the Unicorn doesn't. We don't much fancy immortality to be honest and telepathy would only be good one way. Hypnotic skills would be handy though - imagine how bedtime and getting the kids to school could be transformed ...

 So to conclude. The winner is ...... 


..... we couldn't possibly say. We have lots of gorgeous and fun Unicorn and Mermaid gifts, gadgets and gear and we love them all as we know you and your children do to. Perfect Christmas gifts or stocking fillers, check them out on The Crazy Bee website today.





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